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Photo Of The Day No.592
with David Ellul

Our Little Project is now 10 years old( Monday, 5th February, 2018 - 04:38 )
We are delighted that today the 5th February 2018, our little dream of a website that keeps you updated with all that goes on in the Maltese Trot Racing scene is 10 years old. They have been 10 long years of consistent growth with the aim of having you all followers updated in the best way possible.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those who support us especially those who put adverts on our website and our sponsors as well as to all of you our followers for your encouragement.

Paul Galea to represent Malta in the Coup d`Europe des Amateurs( Wednesday, 24th January, 2018 - 10:27 )
The French association LeTrot finalises the list of Participants for the European Amateurs Cup to be held at Vincennes Race Track France on Saturday 27th January 2018. Amongst the 16 drivers we have the Maltese Paul Galea, winner of the honour for the Best Under 25 Driver during the year 2017.

We wish Paul Galea the best of luck on this start at Vincennes Race Track.

We are Off and Trotting for the new year 2018( Sunday, 21st January, 2018 - 11:05 )
New Calendar issued for the 1st part of the season January to June 2018( Thursday, 11th January, 2018 - 16:58 )
Click on the Image to access a larger version or Find the Calendar Icon on your left on the homepage of our website

PRESIDENT`s CUP Final 2017 Edtion( Friday, 3rd November, 2017 - 16:21 )
TIP TOP NELLIERE (fr) and Michael Ellul succeeded to win this much coveted cup during this year's edition. The President's Cup is the second most prestigious trophy in Maltese Trot racing, surpassed only by the Tazza l-Kbira. Run over the 2140meters distance, this year's President's Cup saw the domination of TIP TOP NELLIERE who took the lead early in the race and with a final sprint secured victory by two lengths. In the winner's circle, TIP TOP NELLIERE's connections and his drivers were greeted by Her Excellency the President of Malta Ms. Marie Louise Coleiro Preca who presented the trophy to the owners.

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Find the Video here:

Returning to racing on the 22nd September 2017( Monday, 11th September, 2017 - 19:49 )
The meeting with which we are to return to competitive racing at Marsa race track after the Summer recess has been postponed from Friday 15th to Friday 22nd September 2017. The racing program is meant to continue as off that date as planned in the calendar issued earlier.
Back On Track on the 15th September 2017( Wednesday, 23rd August, 2017 - 16:41 )
As customary on our islands, Official horse racing stops during the hot Summer days during August and early September. The Malta Racing Club has now issued the Racing Calendar of the second part of the 2017 racing year. Please find the racing dates in the calendar.

Noel Baldacchino with an honorable 6th placing in the World Driving Championship( Saturday, 19th August, 2017 - 21:01 )
This is our last news with regards to the World Driving Championship and we are beyond ecstatic for the wonderful result brought home by Noel Baldacchino. After all 22 races held in 5 different race tracks, Noel Baldacchino succeeded an honorable 6th. A result to be surely proud of considering Noel Baldacchino`s lack of experience in Pacing racing as well the level of this competition.

The winner of this year`s edition was James MacDonald who grabbed the title for home country Canada and the $25,000 prize money associated with this championship. In this way Canada makes it to 5 victories in the World Driving Championship with 4 different drives namely; Hervé Filion who won the inaugural edition in 1970; his nephew Sylvain Filion won in 1999; and Jody Jamieson won the 2001 and 2011 editions. This however is the first time ever the Canadian driver won the Championship being held on his home turf.

Click on the image for a larger version.

Victory for Noel Baldacchino during the World Driving Championships( Thursday, 17th August, 2017 - 13:27 )
We bring to you a photo of yet another historical moment in Maltese Horse Racing history. This is not only the first time a Maltese participant made it to the World Driving Championship but Noel Baldacchino also succeeded a victory during the 4th leg at Trois-Rivieres Hippodrome (also known as 3R). News we received also confirmed that this victory was very much celebrated amongst all the drivers and organisers of this even with chants of MALTA, MALTA, MALTA, ...!! having being sung on the bus on the way back to the hotel.

Here is an exclusive photo of the event provided to us through contacts by the photobar.com. All rights on the photo are reserved by the proprietor.

Click on the image for a larger version.

Noel Baldacchino to participate in the World Driving Championship 2017( Thursday, 10th August, 2017 - 23:07 )
Noel Baldacchino will have the honour to be the first ever Maltese Participant in the World Driving Championships. This year, this even will be held in Canada.

What is the World Driving Championship?

The World Driving Championship is held every two years in conjunction with the World Trotting Conference. The International Trotting Association uses this conference as an opportunity for countries to meet and discuss matters of importance in the sport of harness racing internationally. This year`s World Trotting Conference has Symposium sessions that will focus on four major subjects: 1.Racing and Wagering, 2.Breeding, 3.Equine Welfare and Integrity, 4.Marketing.

Among those confirmed to attend and speak during the conference are; Hall of Famer John Campbell, PEI native Anthony MacDonald, Melissa Keith, Atlantic Post Calls journalist from Nova Scotia, who has covered harness racing for a decade, and a number of top harness racing executives from around the globe such as Jean Major (Canada), Ed Rennell (New Zealand), Andrew Kelly (Australia), Russell Williams (USA), Johan Lindberg (Sweden) and Guillaume Maupas (France). This Conference is being held between the 16th and 17th August at Red Shores where the final leg of the World Trotting Championship will be held on the 18th August 2017.

This Championship will be held over 5 legs between the 12 and 18th August 2017 including around 22 races.

> First Leg: Saturday, 12th August - Century Downs (11/16 mile) in Calgary, Alberta
> Second Leg: Monday, 14th August - Mohawk Racetrack (7/8 mile) in Campbellville, Ontario
> Third Leg: Tuesday, 15th August - Georgian Downs (5/8 mile) in Innisfil, Ontario
> Fouth Leg: Wednesday, 16th August - Hippodrome 3R (1/2 mile) in Trois Rivieres, Quebec
> Fifth and final Leg: Friday, 18th August - Red Shores Racetrack and Casino at CDP (1/2 mile) in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

The following is the list of participants in this Championship:

1. Marcus Miller (United States)
2. James MacDonald (Canada)
3. Shane Graham (Australia)
4. Mark Purdon (New Zealand)
5. Dexter Dunn (ITA/New Zealand)
6. Gerhard Mayr (Austria)
7. Bjorn Goop (Sweden)
8. Mika Forss (Finland)
9. Eirik Hoitomt (Norway)
10. Rik Depuydt (Belgium)
11. Noel Baldacchino (Malta)

We will be giving you live updates on the even on our Facebook Page.

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